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| Company Profile 


  Established in June 2003, with a registered capital of HKD 10 million, Shuncheng Control Electric Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise engaged in developing and producing microcomputer controllers for home appliances. It is situated in the Zhuhai High-tech Zone, a beautiful coastal city and covers a plant area of over 6,300 square meters. Its predecessor Shunde Shuncheng Control Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in June 1989, has ever undertaken the “Torch” project of Guangdong Province - development and production of microcomputer controllers for home appliances.

  Facilitated with more than 200 employees including nearly 50 engineering technicians and a variety of developing, testing and inspecting instruments, the company boasts strong technical force.

   Our AI/SMT workshop is fitted with 6 automatic inserters, 3 automatic SMT lines,including 3 automatic high-speed Adhesive dispenser, 3 high-speed SMD Placement machines, 2 multifunctional SMD Placement machine, 3 reflow soldering machines. The assembly workshop is equipped with 5 insert lines, 4 assembly lines, 5 crest welders, 4 seal production lines and various component molding and integering facilities. The company is also fitted with 5 ICT online testing instruments and various quality inspection equipment. Its annual output of controllers exceeds 2 million pieces.

   The company passed the certification of ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System and was honored many awards such as “High & New Technology Enterprise,”“Advanced Technology Enterprise,” “Credit AAA Enterprise,” “Quality-stressing and Promise-keeping Unit,” “Trustworthy Enterprise,” “Quality, Service, Credit AAA Demonstration Unit,” “Good-faith, Quality-stressing and Promise-keeping Unit,” “Quality, Service, Credit Demonstration Unit” and “Excellent Chinese Enterprise.”

  Our microcomputer controllers for home appliances obtained many titles such as “Famous Chinese Brand,” “Famous and Excellent Chinese Brand,” “Well-known Chinese Brand,” “Qualified Product by National Quality Inspection,” “Qualified Product that Consecutively Passed National Inspection,” “Quality and Service Guaranteed Product,” “Qualified and Consumer Recognized Product,” “Top 10 National Controller Products” and “Top 10 Influential Brands in the Industry.”

  Our products are supplied to Hisense, TCL, Jinling, Golden Fish, Galanz, Weili, Jide,etc. We also provide OEM business to Changhong, Konka, Skyworth, Chunlan, Meiling, Taiwan TECO, Toshiba, and so forth.

ADD:No.20,2 Jinheng Road,Jinding Science and Technology industrial Park,Tangjia Wan,Zhuhai,China



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http://www.icfrm-14.com    Chinese domain name: Shuncheng Electric Appliance. Chinese microcomputer controller. China's Technical support: Chuangyi Network

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