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Shuncheng electrical main business technology leader

Time: 2021-03-15 09:58:05

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Zhuhai Shuncheng Control Electric Co., Ltd Ltd) is a Hong Kong funded enterprise specializing in the development and production of microcomputer controllers for household appliances. Its predecessor Shunde Shuncheng Control Equipment Co., Ltd. (later renamed Shunde Shuncheng Control Equipment Co., Ltd.) was established in June 1989. It undertakes the task of "development and production of microcomputer controllers for household appliances" of Guangdong Province's "Torch" project. In July 2004, the company moved into the factory. Now the company has more than 6300 square meters of production plant and auxiliary facilities, a complete set of electronic product production assembly line and various development, testing, quality inspection equipment, more than 120 employees. It has been recognized as an "advanced technology enterprise" by Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission, and has been awarded "brand of sales strength in the new century", "China enterprise image unit", "AAA grade enterprise of China quality service reputation", "national enterprise of quality service consumer satisfaction", "China model enterprise of honesty and quality", "demonstration unit of quality service honesty" and "national enterprise of quality service consumer satisfaction" "China's Communist Party" and other titles. The main products are as follows:

- ncxq (KPB, KMB) series washing machine microcomputer program controller

- zlddb series DC power supply intelligent measurement and control instrument

- scce-d-25k air conditioner microcomputer controller

- scce-30 electronic controller of multifunctional packaging machine

- scce-40 microcomputer controller for electric fan

- scce-50 series and mb-23, md-23 microwave oven microcomputer controller

- scce-61 automatic monitor for range hood

- scce-71 electric water bottle microcomputer controller

- scce-rb water heater microcomputer controller

- scce-80 series security cabinet microcomputer controller

- qnr-300 soft towel machine microcomputer controller

Ncxq (KPB, KMB) series washing machine microcomputer controller has more than 100 models, they are the nerve center of microcomputer washing machine, can choose thousands of washing procedures, automatic control the whole washing process. It can automatically detect the amount and quality of cloth, automatically control the amount of washing powder, water, soaking, washing, rinsing, air pump, circulating water, drainage, water supply and drainage, softener, dehydration, end power failure, etc. it has the functions of clock, appointment timing washing, remaining time display, and has multiple automatic protection and fault type display. After provincial appraisal, it has reached the international advanced technology level in the same period, and has successively won the "major scientific and technological research achievements of Guangdong Province", "national torch hi tech and product fair Award", "China's eighth five year plan scientific and technological achievements", "China's technology", "world's technology", "electronic products", "China's famous products", "high quality scientific and technological products" and "high quality products" "Quality products", "Chinese science and technology products", "national quality trustworthy products", "to the EU market" and "China's accession to the WTO".

The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. The products have been supplied to more than 30 enterprises such as Haier, TCL, Chunlan, Jinling and Xinle.

The tenet of the company is: quality, customer first; high quality and high efficiency, striving for success.

Welcome domestic and foreign customers to write, call, come to negotiate business.

ADD:No.20,2 Jinheng Road,Jinding Science and Technology industrial Park,Tangjia Wan,Zhuhai,China



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